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Steel Assembly Mission

  • To advance best practice in pediatric spinal cord injury and dysfunction (SCI/D) across the globe
  • To exchange and disseminate knowledge, education, and research to professionals and those affected by pediatric SCI/D

Why Donate?

Steel Assembly has three current strategic initiatives that are in need of financial support:

  • Development of a web-based educational portal focused on children with spinal cord injury and dysfunction, their families, and healthcare professionals. This portal will provide access to relevant and evidence-informed education tailored to children, parents and providers.
  • A one-day educational course for health care providers immediately prior to the 2018 International Spinal Cord Injury Society Scientific Meeting.
  • Translate the Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury outcome measure into Spanish. These measures are the only rehabilitation instruments for young people with spinal cord injury, and because they are only available in English cannot be used for many children who do not speak English.

Donate Online

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