Call for Abstracts

The Howard H. Steel Course on Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury\Dysfunction

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline is May 15, 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time - abstracts will not be accepted after that time.

Authors will need to have the following information available when submitting their abstract:

  1. The complete contact information all authors, including the institution of research.
  2. The abstract title and text. Provide the abstract as plain text, graphics and tables are not accepted. Authors can either type the abstract into the online form, or cut/paste from an existing document.
  3. Provide the abstract title in proper-case for publishing (i.e. The Science of Orthopaedic Surgery)
  4. Financial Disclosure, American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Copyright License information on behalf of all authors.

General Guidelines

  1. Persons submitting an abstract do so with the understanding that they and all the authors listed on the abstract will abide by the conditions, deadlines, policies and decisions of the Course Chairs and Program Committee.
  2. All abstracts must be submitted online via the abstract application form by 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on May 15, 2018. Abstracts will not be accepted after that date.  Abstracts cannot be e-mailed separately to the course office; they must be submitted via the course website through the online submission system.
  3. The presons submitting must indicate if the abstract should be considered for a paper and/or poster.
  4. Persons submitting an abstract must understand that all presenters, co-authors, faculty members, etc. attending the conference are expected to register for the meeting and pay all registration and travel costs.  If attendance is dependent on outside funding, please secure financial assistance before submitting an abstract.
  5. If the abstract is accepted for podium presentation, all presenters must speak in English, and be prepared to answer questions from the audience in English.
  6. Persons submitting an abstract must agree to sign a Financial Disclosure Statement, an American Food and Drug Administration statement.  The existence of disclosed interest or investments is not viewed as necessarily implying bias or decreasing the value of the presentation.  These disclosures will not be seen or taken into consideration when the abstract is considered for presentation.
  7. Persons submitting an abstract must sign a copyright transfer agreement, giving the course and the course organizers the right to record, display, publish, distribute, copy and/or broadcast the submission in whole or in part in any present or future medium, including without limitation, in print, on CD-ROM, on DVD, on videotape, on audiotape, visa the worldwide web or as part as an electronically searchable database.
  8. No Submitted abstracts will be returned to the authors, and all authors must agree to the General Guidelines as stated above.

Abstract Grading Criteria

Abstracts will be graded based upon the following criteria:

  1. Scientific Merit (0 - 6, with 6 points max)
    Is the clinical problem or research question clearly statement?
    Are there adequate numbers of subjects for the stated clinical problem or research question?
    Is the methodology clearly described and is it appropriate for the stated clinical problem or research question? are there controls?, is this prospective vs. retrospective?
    Is the abstract clear / well written and are the results clear?
    Are the conclusions supported by the results?
  2. Originality of project (0-2)
    Is the work relevant to pediatric SCI/dysfunction?
    Does the work advance the understanding of pediatric SCI/dysfunction?
  3. Clinical Usefulness (0-2)